Golf’s Kinematic Sequence the Key to Power

One video on YouTube that I go back to time and again is one clipped from Playing Lessons from the Pros on the Golf Channel. It is a clip from the tee with Matt Killen, a golf coach, and JB Holmes, one of the tour’s longest drivers. In this segment they talk about the “kinematic sequence” and how all your power is created from the ground up. First the hips, then the torso, then the arms, then the hands. Make a particular note on the top of the swing and the transition and how there is no casting or release of the hands. Also make a note of how power is generated by getting your hands and the handle of your club ahead of the ball prior to impact. This is where JB Holmes says his power comes from.It makes sense that if you get your hands ahead of the ball, your club will de-loft some, and that snap of your wrist at impact will have more punch.

Give this clip a couple of views, and see if it doesn’t help you score More Pars!

YouTube Preview Image

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