A Hole-In-One in the coming Decade

I am reading the Charlotte Observer this morning and checking out the box scores. In it there is a tiny golf section covering a Jr. tournament and then there is the hole-in-one section. It reads: “Jeffrey R aced No. 4, a 201 yard hole using a 3 iron at Providence Country Club. It was his fifth.”

I am often asked, why did I name this MorePars, why not MoreBirdies? And why not go all out, as in Jeffrey R’s case, and name it MoreEagles? The reason is simple. For most of us, it is just not realistic to shoot scratch golf, or score lots of birdies, never mind make eagles. And as for hole-in-one’s…are you kidding? They are more or less miraculous—except, apparently, for golfers like Jeffrey R.

It’s funny how some folks are just naturally good. Effortlessly they swing the club and go low on the course. For me, however, I have to fight for every stroke. But on a magical day, on November 10, 2008, on a 145 yard hole at Oyster Reef Golf Club in Hilton Head, SC, I hit a perfectly straight shot with a pga tour trajectory that bounced once and landed in the hole for my first and only ace. I will never forget this day, and I have the plaque as a reminder hanging on my shelf.

I don’t know how realistic it is, but I am setting a goal for myself to make another one in the coming decade. As we close out this 10 year span, I can carry with me my ace in Hilton Head as a true confidence builder that really has made a difference in my mental state as I step up to a Par 3. I have come close to a hole-in-one several times since that day, and I truly believe it is because of that dose of adrenaline I got when I made my ace in 2008. Jeffrey R. has apparently received a similar dose. He must think he is Tiger Woods when he steps up to a par 3. I say to Jeffrey R, congratulations to you, and while I doubt I will ever catch your 5 aces, you have given me something to shoot for.


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