About MorePars

The MorePars team has a passion for golf and understands how its lessons can be applied to be more effective in business and in life. In terms of golf, there are no hidden agendas. We are not tied to any organization or any system. As coaches, we present the ideas and guide you in a path of self-discovery to leverage what works best for you. It is the same when it comes to business and in life.

Our golfing team is a mix of amateur golfers and top PGA pros and it continues to grow. We hope to have dozens if not hundreds of contributors as the site grows in popularity. The main qualification is that you have a passion to help others improve. It is no secret that most people, despite the improvements in technology and the millions spent on golf lessons, are not able to significantly bring down their handicap. We hope to form a team that is located across the world that we know can help change that. Contact us if you would like to provide articles and content, as well as assist in analyzing the golf swings of our members.

Our business team is comprised of managers, both middle and executives, who have a passion for helping others be more successful in business. While most play golf, that too is not a requirement. The main qualification is to want to share what has helped you be successful with others. We are actively recruiting anyone who feels they can help others score more pars in business!

Our life team is again a mix from all walks…men, women, teens, who again have a passion to help others grow. Many play golf, but not all do. If you feel you can help others live better, MorePars has a spot for you. As you see the Life section launch, you will get a better idea for what we are looking for.

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