All I Want For Christmas is a 260 Yard Drive

One of the beauties of today’s technology is that you can tell exactly how far you hit your shots. I use the Sky Caddie SG5 because it has a button to push where my shot started, where my shot ended, and tells me the distance in between. I think mine may be broken though, because no matter how many times I measure my driving distance it always seems to read no more than 220 yards! But let’s not blame the technology…there is no doubt it is the swing that needs fixing!

I play on the Amateur Golf Tour every year and watch player after player, not nearly in the shape I am in, outdrive me. Granted, my drives are more or less perfectly straight and land in the fairway, while their drives are very often scattered all over the course, but I am still envious and want more distance! There is just a much higher probability for me to shoot More Pars if my approach shot is with a 7 iron or higher rather than a 3,4,5 or 6 iron.

I have probably watched every YouTube video known to man on how to get more distance. I am convinced that it is going to be a combination of better technique and physical fitness that is going to up my distance in 2010, despite being yet 1 year older!

All of you must know the scoring is all done with the short game, and even if the green is missed in regulation a good short game can get you your par. That too is on my Christmas list, but not today. Today I want a penetrating ball flight that pierces through the sky and lands 260 yards away. I am confident with the right practice and regimen this will be achieved in 2010.

See you on the 25th Santa!


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