Blogging and Golf – The Perfect Combination

When you are as passionate about something as I am about golf, you see tie-ins everywhere. It just struck me that if you take the word Golf, and substitute the letter B for the letter F, you now can spell out the word Blog! Blogging must have been invented by a golfer!

I’ll talk time and again about the wonders of technology and how it can help your game (I italicize can because while it can help your game, that doesn’t mean it necessarily will!). But another important capability that we didn’t have until a few years ago is the technology to Blog.

Blogging is key because it is a way for you to track your progress online. I can’t tell you how many times an instructor has said to me — “Darn it Matt, we already covered this!” My memory is horrible, and I hold a golf lesson in my head on average about 2 weeks. By then I have read so many golf tips or talked to so many people about other things to work on I have simply forgotten what I learned in the lesson. The other problem I have is that sometimes I won’t get out for a couple of weeks or won’t go back for a lesson for 2-3 months and have forgotten everything I learned. Regardless of the excuse, it happens too too much to me, and it is very costly! Lessons aren’t getting any cheaper these days, even in this economy!

My advice as a cure for this is to keep a blog. They are easy to set up and you can keep an online diary of everything you learn, and it will always be there. No slips of paper to lose; no notebooks for the dog to eat. And you can include videos if your instructor takes video and pictures as well. Even more importantly, you can write down your thoughts; your psychology, your racing stream of golf ideas that are seemingly never-ending. I recommend writing down everything, leave nothing out, no matter how insignificant.  Write down your rounds as well; what happened, what you did well, what you did wrong; what you were thinking. All of this will certainly over time unveil clues to improving your game, and not let you forget the important things you have learned along the way.

You can make your blog private, which in my case is probably a good thing. If any psychiatrist got ahold of my blog he would probably have me writing future blogs inside of a mental institution, or so my instructors tell me. 🙂


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