Camilo Villegas Wins Honda Classic and Teaches Us a Lesson!

Oh, to be 28 years old and playing on the PGA tour each week for hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars! Don’t we all wish we could do that!

Yet somehow, many professional golfers lose sight of their good fortune. And yes, like any endeavor, playing golf on tour has its disappointments and bad days and can lead to despondency, depression, or worse. But when you sum it all up, come on, this is the life guys! Golf is a game! Let’s have fun and enjoy it!

This, in essence, is what Camilo told the sportswriters yesterday. When asked about his win, he said “my attitude’s a lot better.” He told himself that if he kept a positive attitude he would play good golf. Now, we all know it takes more than that, but your head can destroy your game like no other! And as a NY Times article stated today, “this attitude adjustment phenomenon is starting to become a mini-trend on tour.” Justin Rose is quoted in the article as “trying to get my mind-set back to when I first came out on tour, greateful to be out here, having fun.”

The article ended with a perfect quote that in essence, sums up what the MorePars site is all about. It is the lessons that golf can teach us about business and life in general. Camilo: “We keep growing as a player and as a person. Understanding the game, understanding life, understanding what we do. It’s got great things, it’s got bad things. You’ve just got to enjoy the good ones, put aside the bad ones, try to avoid distractions, and stay committed.”

Congratulations Camilo and thank you for passing on this lesson that I know we will all use to score MorePars in golf, business, and life!


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