Chili Dip – Golf’s Most Unappetizing Shot

As I reflect on the golf I played this past year, one of the most maddening shots that I would perform time and time again was “chili-dipping” the ball and watching it travel about 6 inches. I have searched the web and tried to understand why the heck I constantly do this, and haven’t come up with the definitive explanation. But here is where I am at so far with what I think I am doing.

Watching the Golf Channel once again this weekend, the pro said something that I have heard echoed in other places and I am determined to try and implement it in 2010. What he said to the player that was playing a chip shot to the pin was something like…keep your left arm moving…it is a left arm shot.

This echoed something else I heard from a pro I met in Lake Placid, NY sometime back. What he said was…the right hand has nowhere to go on a chip…but the left arm…lots of room to go…so pull it through.

When we move to video on this blog we’ll demonstrate this. But for now, let’s go with the theory that pulling the left arm through the shot may be the way to avoid this nasty shot once and for all. If this isn’t the cure all, it should at least help in improving my digestion.


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