Did You Hit Your Drive That Far?

The golf season has begun in Charlotte, NC! This weekend, I had the good fortune to play with a “young man” named Zack who I believe was in his 30’s that hit his drives like a tour pro. He was a bit over 6’ tall, thin, lanky might be the best way to describe him. We were on a par 4 hole that was a dog leg right, and the flag was barely visible through the extremely tall trees. Per my Sky Caddie, the green was over 300 yards away if you hit straight to it  which virtually no one does. Certainly not someone like me, whose typical drive is 220 yards.

I stood behind Zack in shock as he aligned himself towards the green. I also noticed (barely) through the trees that the 4-some ahead of us was on the green. He took a nice smooth swing, and effortlessly launched the drive into the air. About 20-30 seconds later you see 4 startled bodies jump up and turn their heads towards us through the woods. The ball landed on the green!

There are some players that can hit a ball and it just keeps on going and going. Amateurs like me can get this same sensation when we hit with a strong wind at our backs. On this day there was no wind help. This guy just hits the living daylights out of the ball, with seemingly little effort.

I walked up to him and said Zack, have you ever taken lessons? He said “from my Dad when I was young.” I said, Zack, how much golf do you play? He said he was getting back into the game more this year but typically about 10 rounds a year. Now you folks tell me…if you could effortlessly hit a drive 300 yards would you play golf less than a dozen times a year? I would be playing every day!

So I asked Zack the big question: “where is that power coming from?” He said simply, “I have always had a lot of lag in my swing. I transition into my downswing with a lot of lag and then I just whip the club through the ball.”

Lag. The answer to more power is Lag. I am going to sleep and repeat dozens of times before I do the word “lag.” I will be visiting the best teachers I can find this year and one of the things I am going to ask them is how can I get more lag in my swing. Because I want to hit the ball like Zack. I want to hit greens 300 yards away with no effort. I want to hit the ball so that it flies like it has a strong wind at its back. If you all have tips on creating more lag, please share them with us!

I wish you all more lag and MorePars this coming year!


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