Golf and Humiliation – Another Tough Lesson From Tiger Woods

Every golfer and tabloid reader in the country turned their eyes to Tiger Woods yesterday to hear his apology for his past actions off the course. MorePars is passionate about the game of golf, and probably shares some of Tiger’s other passions as well! And just imagine the temptations Tiger faced as he roamed the world over? Can any of the readers of this blog say they wouldn’t have succumbed to the same behavior? Thankfully, I think the answer is yes!

One of the things I would hear from my peers growing up was that “everybody does it.” And just as Tiger Woods admired and learned so much from his Dad, I too learned from mine. And one of his sayings was “everybody doesn’t do it!”

The lesson of handling humiliation is a frequent one that we face on the golf course. Three-inch putts that we miss; shanking the ball into a water hazard; swinging from a lie in the woods and breaking our club on a tree. Some of us handle these situations with grace; some of us handle them with rage; some of us handle them with humor. Golf is full of opportunities for humiliation, and we are all in a different place when it comes to managing in these situations. You can learn a lot about yourself while playing the game of golf.

Tiger said these words in his speech: “Achievements on the golf course are only part of setting an example. Character and decency are what really count.” Tiger has come upon this lesson much harder than most. But as we begin this new season of golf, it is yet another teaching we can place in our bag that came yesterday from the world’s greatest golfer.


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