Golf is an 18 hole game

On my round Sunday at Quail Creek in Naples, FL I found myself floundering after 3 holes. All of a sudden though, my swing clicked, and I scored 6 pars in a row (5 hitting greens in regulation, the 6th one an up and down). I was thrilled. I was playing with my sister who had never seen me do that before and she was in awe. Unfortunately, I had seen it before, in fact just recently at a tournament I was in, where I was even par after the first 5 holes and ended up shooting a 91! Shooting 91 is not easy after being even after 5 holes…try to do it sometime. You will need lots of triple bogeys!

Alas, this round at Quail had a similar result. I did not score another par on the remaining 9 holes. I was asked after the round, “what happened?” My answer was “it is one of the mysteries of golf.”

The truth is though I don’t believe it is a mystery. I believe it is not having a sound swing that can hold up under pressure and a short game that cannot recover from bad shots. If everything goes fine, I can score. If a bad shot occurs, I can’t recover.

How many of us have said, “I would have scored a low number if it weren’t for the triple bogeys…”

If we have swings patched together with duct tape; if we have a short game that is tenuous…there is no way to drive the handicap down into the single digits. I applaud those of you that have accomplished this; and I look for help and guidance as the rest of us try to score more Pars in the coming months and years.

My statement for the day – Golf is an 18 hole game!


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