Golf Lessons This Fall

How many times have I heard on the course…”don’t expect much, I just took a lesson and am working on making some changes.” How many times have I used those lines myself?! Well, lessons are a fact of life, and all good golfers, except those born with good golf genes, need to take them. The problem is we either don’t stick with what we learn, or we never learn anything, and sometimes, alas, we walk away with bad information. But in most cases, lessons are a good thing and should be in your game plan to gain More Pars. The weather is cooling off, there is still a lot of golf yet in the fall, so go sign up for a lesson today. Be sure to share what you learn with the MorePars team. In the coming months, we are going to show you how to maximize your lessons to gain optimal improvements. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And if you are an eternal optimist, you will think like we do; which is, that next lesson could unlock the secret to you scoring More Pars!

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