Golf Magazine Helps Create MorePars

For many years, Golf Magazine could only offer its swing tips in pictures, because internet bandwidth and download speeds made it impractical to include video. But now, those problems are solved, and the magazine is a much more effective tool for improving your swing. We will definitely be taking good looks at the tips that come out each month and put them into MorePars terms to gain maximum value.

The first article I’ll refer to is by Eric Johnson entitled Get Up and Down. Unfortunately, when you go to the link, the video tip says that it is “coming soon.” I hope this lag in posting time is the exception rather than the rule. Fortunately there is a video called 4 Steps to Perfect Pitching which is a decent quality video of how to pitch. It correctly identifies one of the biggest problems with pitching, which is hitting behind the ball. Ball first contact is always important in golf, except in certain special shot situations, and the technique described in the video seems sound and is consistent with other instruction like Phil Mickelson’s hinge and hold technique.

The biggest MorePars takeaway is to turn your body, don’t just use your arms. The other is to be careful about flicking your wrists at the ball, which is not explained but is a major flaw of many pitch swings. That’s where the “hold” part of the swing tip becomes important. Finally, the hinge, which helps you create an angle of attack into the ball, is a must in this swing.

Look for more frequent posts as we kick of 2011 in our quest to make MorePars!

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