Golf Tip – Practice at Home

As I reflect on how I am going to improve my game over the winter months, the realization has set in that I simply must set up a way to do so at home. There is no way with my work schedule and the vagaries of the weather that I am going to be able to make enough swings each week to significantly impact my handicap.

I had a similar vision awhile back and purchased an inexpensive netting system that turned out to be a tangled mess that blew over with a light wind and that I ended up never using.  One of my mantras in this blog is going to be to learn to not make the same mistakes over and over again. I hope I am not violating this principle by trying to buy a net again, but we’ll see!

So, what net to buy? I am going to try the Net Return. I think the marketing on the site is excellent and really every question you could ever ask (how long does it take to assemble, how do you assemble, how does it work in real life, etc.) is answered either in a demonstration video or in the text. The cost is approximately $400.00, but I have paid much more than this to save strokes!

In the video you will see a demo of someone hitting in their living room. I highly doubt my marriage will stay intact if I set it up there. Outside isn’t practical because I need to be able to practice in rain, sleet, or snow. So my only option is the garage. My wife is not going to like it there either, so I expect there will be some extra cash spent to overcome this hurdle.  So the cost of this net is going to probably be well beyond $400! 🙂

There will be other ingredients needed to improve beyond just making swings in the garage. Jason Sutton, the “Guru” at Dana Rader Golf School, explains in a recent posting that mirror work and video are also crucial. I agree with that 100%. You will hear more about this once my Net Arrives.

I don’t think I have been a good enough boy this year to ask Santa for this net. So rather than put this on my Christmas list, I will just be paying for this myself.  🙂


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