Golf Tips: Dr. Phil and Fixing the Flip

One of my obsessions in the golf swing is focused on the impact area and fixing a scooping or flipping action at impact. I scan YouTube regularly for ideas on curing this problem. Any golf pro I visit hears my tales of scooping woe and passes on their sound advice as to how to go about fixing it.  I want to share with you a video I found on YouTube in a series which is called The Y Shape.

Phil Hurrle, an instructor out of California, demonstrates at the beginning of the video below how to approach the ball at impact. He then explains the origin is based on a faulty thought in regards to keeping the club going down the target line rather than swinging the club on an arc. He then shares a thought of swinging shoulder to shoulder. Finally, he creates awareness of the strong right hand and how it has to be controlled at impact to refrain from trying to push the club through with some extra oomph.

YouTube Preview Image

In a second video, he demonstrates again the fault of pushing the club with the right hand and gives you a tip for curing this behavior by removing the thumb and forefinger off the club as you take small swings.

YouTube Preview Image

The concept I get from his series “The Y Shape” is that you want to maintain that Y shape through impact. I think this is a sound teaching method and will be interested in everyone’s thoughts on these cures for the flip.


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