Good Iron Player?

I spoke about the great Playing Lessons with the Pros show I watched the other day featuring Colin Montgomerie on the Golf Channel. There was another segment I remember that struck me: he was talking about people saying he was a good iron player. Why did they say it? Because he hit lots of greens in regulation.

Colin went on to point out that it wasn’t necessarily that he was better with his irons than other players. The key was that his drives more often than not hit the fairway. And it is a lot easier to be a “good iron player” if you are hitting from the fairway than if you are hitting from the rough.

This was a wake-up call for me to really get more serious about hitting the fairway; or, if on a Par 5 and taking a 2nd shot, to make extra sure that the ball lands in the fairway to set up my approach.

As a relatively high handicapper, it is easier said than done to hit more fairways. But as we will see here on MorePars, we need to have a clear eye on our objectives and set goals in order to achieve them faster. Let’s all focus more often on hitting fairways and when we miss, to get back on them with our next shot. This will statistically lead us over time to scoring More Pars.


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