Hinge and Hold

I am a huge fan of John Paul Newport’s golf column which runs every Saturday in the Wall Street Journal. I wish I was able to pick up the phone and interview Phil Mickelson the way he did in his last column! Phil has a DVD Set “Secrets of the Short Game” that you have probably seen an ad for if you are a frequent visitor of golf web sites. I am definitely adding this to my Christmas list!

I am going to lift this entire paragraph from the article, because for me, it was a provocative and important one:

With chipping and pitching, however, he’s adamant there’s only one effective technique: his technique, which he calls “hinge and hold.” He cocks his wrists immediately upon taking the club away from the ball, and holds that angle while accelerating the hands toward the target even after impact. “I’ve studied it, and all the great chippers through history have chipped this way,” he said. As for amateurs, of the 200 or so he plays with annually in pro-ams or outings, “maybe only two or three know how to chip correctly,” he said.

One of the main reasons I remain a 16 handicap is because I cannot chip the ball. I don’t know if it is technique, the yips, or what. It will be one of my main areas of attention in 2010. I intend on getting his books and, if Santa is kind to me, watching his DVD. I will be anxious to discuss this also with the golf professionals I come in contact with, to get their view.

Here is the link to the entire article: Hinge and Hold. There are several other points I’ll bring up in future blogs.

May Hinge and Hold bring you More Pars in the years to come!


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