MorePars Rooting For Webb Simpson

We find ourselves in Charlotte, NC and all geared up for 2 more days of great golf at the Wells Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow Country Club. Last week, many of you may have witnessed the unfortunate incident on the 15th green where Webb’s ball moved due to the wind. Normally, this is not a problem, you can move it back, but not once you have addressed the ball. This is an obscure rule and needs to be changed, but Webb called it on himself and incurred a 1 stroke penalty. It cost him the tournament.

Michael Breed on the Golf Fix this week had a glowing tribute to Webb’s character and his handling of this incident, and I completely share his sentiments. For him to incur that penalty, continue to play the great golf that he did, and the grace he displayed despite having lost because of the penalty, showed me beyond a doubt that he has the emotional makeup to be a great golf role model and future champion.

This afternoon, MorePars will be following Webb for all 18 holes. We urge all our readers to root for him today at the Wells Fargo!

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