Over 40 and Making the Cut

Recently a wonderful article appeared in the Wall Street Journal by John Paul Newport with this blog’s title. Here is the link to the article: Over 40.

It is an article about those of us, like myself, who dream about retiring from our day jobs and trying to become professional golfers on the Champion’s tour. I encourage you to read this to see how challenging it is to accomplish this. In fact, it is not only challenging, but it is probably comparable to the odds of winning the lottery.

But all is not lost! I joined a tour in Charlotte called the Amateur Golf Tour. The web site is here: Amateur Golf Tour.

This tour has locations across the east and I think is expanding. There is also a tour sponsored by the Golf Channel. These tours fill a very basic need of us golf addicts: the need to compete and improve our games in doing so. Winning a tournament on these tours is a huge thrill, and is a good first step if you have even an inkling of leaving your day job. I play in a flight of 16-20 handicappers and have been trying to move down into the lower handicap flights for years but haven’t had any success yet.

But I am hopeful that next year is the year! 🙂

I hope you enjoy this article and still keep your dream alive of improving your game. You are going to find lots of insights in this blog in the weeks and months ahead because I have been working on this project for awhile and have lots of war stories to tell! Thanks for tuning in!


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