PGA Golf Instruction Video Series Free DVD

Recently we received in the mail an unsolicited DVD from the PGA, which is a “special edition” offered at an exclusive price of $12.95. We just finished watching the first half, entitled “The Complete Short Game” and am literally dazed from the experience. No question, we all are eager for golf tips and welcome them from all directions. We’ll pay; we’ll watch YouTube; we’ll take them from our friends and family; anyone willing to give a tip we’ll listen (and probably shouldn’t!). While normally we shy away from criticizing anyone trying to share their knowledge to help us become better, this DVD really felt like a hodgepodge of miscellaneous golf tips, most of which we’ll never implement, slapped together from previous clips in order to extract a fee and rope you in to a quarterly subscription at an unspecified price of future DVDs. We sincerely hope this series doesn’t get off the ground in its current form, and recommend you save your money.

The PGA is a great institution and does a lot for the game of golf. We just wish they wouldn’t try to make money in this haphazard manner. Imagine if we were to round up a bunch of YouTube tips and then burn them to a DVD and try to sell them to you. And, that we slapped them one after another in no reasonable order. This is the experience we had when watching “the complete short game.” If you want a good short game video that lives up to its name, see our blog post on Phil Mickelson’s DVD.

This video from the PGA is not complete and it is not short. It feels like you just got hit with a zillion random tips. And we are not saying that all of them are useless! But for the most part, for the average golfer, these tips will not help. You are better off working with your PGA instructor and saving your money for a better organized and more professionally created set of golf tip DVDs. This will be your best way to scoring More Pars!

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