Phil Mickelson – This Year’s Santa Claus

Santa came this year in the guise of my new hero of golf instruction, Phil Mickelson. Finally, and I mean FINALLY!, someone with credibility and knowledge has written the definitive book on how to execute the short game. The title, “Secrets of the Short Game” is true to its name. Not because there is anything revolutionary revealed in the book. But rather because the book meticulously and through spectacular photography illustrates and explains how to hit shots in the red zone. No book, and I mean NO BOOK, even comes close to explaining almost frame-by-frame how to hit a chip and pitch. This book should be a best-seller in the golf world. If it isn’t, I will have a great advantage over my competition in 2010!

My handicap is in the 15-16 range. I am confident that by practicing Phil’s techniques that it will drop to 10. In fact, I almost guarantee it! The secret…hinge and hold. Accelerate through. Hinge and hold. Accelerate through. Hinge and hold. Accelerate through.

Later this week my net arrives. At about the same time Phil’s DVD will arrive as well. After reading the book, I immediately visited Amazon and ordered the DVD. If the DVD is anything like the book, I will be able to see as only video can show every frame on how Phil hits these shots. If the DVD is of the quality of this book, I will call Phil and ask if I can go on the road selling both items, door to door if I have to. I

The MorePars Santa Claus award for 2009 goes to Phil Mickelson! Thank you Santa!


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