Pitch Shot Impact

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In this video, Jason Sutton demonstrates the basic pitch shot. We have this posted in both our Impact section and our Pitching section. The bent left wrist through impact (scooping) is one of the most frequent mistakes in the golf swing. It is very difficult to get rid of.  The pitch shot, if mastered, is one of the most important shots for lowering your score. If you can pitch on the green and 1-putt your score will head south.

A couple of important points in this video. One: notice this is not an “all-arm” shot. There is body rotation. Two: lag. You don’t just take the club back and then “throw the clubhead” at the ball. You can hold that clubhead back some before letting it go, so that your clubshaft and hands are forward of the ball at impact. A frequent mistake is to stop the clubshaft as you are approaching impact and scoop (throw the clubhead) at the ball. This should happen after impact, not before.

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