Pitching the Golf Ball Rather than a Baseball

Pitching the ball can make the difference between a high handicapper and a low handicapper. And believe me, MorePars understands this better than most! We can view hundreds of videos on how to pitch the golf ball, and not get one stroke better, if we can’t execute on the motions that we are watching. This is why you need a great camera, motion analysis software that allows you to draw lines and shapes, an instructor that can help you understand what you are seeing and explain how you can improve, and the ability to change long-time habits that have been ingrained in your muscle memory.

Case in point is this video on GuruTV. I can assure you that Matt, whose lesson is featured in the video, has taken dozens of lessons and has tried for years to improve his pitching. He is finally on the right track to improvement in that he now has the first 3 elements..the high speed camera, V1 golf analysis software, and the Guru himself Jason Sutton as one of his instructors. This leaves him with the 4th and most difficult problem—changing years of a flawed swing motion that is ingrained in his muscle memory.

Pitching a baseball to a large mitt and a big catcher squatting behind the plate is a cakewalk compared to pitching a golf ball towards a small hole. Try to count how many flaws there are in this simple Pitch motion that Matt tries to execute. You wouldn’t think it was possible to make so many errors on a swing that actually without a trained eye doesn’t look too bad.

Pitching a golf ball is not easy, no matter how simple some people (like Guru) makes it look. But the payoff once you can do it under pressure in competition is MorePars!

More Pars is our wish for Matt featured in this video and for all the readers of the MorePars blog!

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