Putting Metrics

There is a fascinating article in today’s Wall Street Journal in regards to a new putting metric that will be soon tracked this year on the PGA Tour called “net putts gained.” You will find a lot of chatter in this blog about the golf swing, and much less about putting, yet there is no question the quickest way to drop in handicap is to improve your putting.

Here are some takeaways from the article, at least for me. First, at different distances from the pin, what is your average “putts to go?” In other words, if you are 10’ away, on average, does it take you 2 putts, 2.5 putts (meaning you 3 putt a lot), or 1.8 putts (on average you make the 10 footer from time to time). And then, how do you compare against the field?

I’ll make up some numbers, but from say 3 feet, the good players are undoubted something like 1.003 putts away (meaning once in a great while they miss but almost always make it otherwise). I am probably 1.5 say since I miss that putt a lot and it often takes 2 strokes. From a long distance, I could see myself being 2.8 putts away since I 3-putt a lot.

The other takeaway is to consider how good you are in these stats based on green difficulty. Being 3 feet away on a sloping, fast green is different from being 3 feet away on a flat, slow green.

You can use the ideas to measure how good a putter you are and to help you work on improvements. The nitty gritty of this stat and how it is measured and will be used on the pro tour can be found here: A Putting Stat is Born.

Good luck making more putts and scoring MorePars!

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