Rock On With Hunter Mahan

In today’s New York Times, there is an article in the sports’ section entitled: Golfer Includes a Dose of Rock in His Approach. It is worth reading on a series of levels, but for MorePars readers, there is a piece of advice that he gives that we will reinforce again and again on these pages; that is, spend a lot of your time working on the areas where you need the most work. For those that have learned to play the piano, you will identify with the habit of constantly playing the songs or passages you played well, while avoiding at all costs the tougher songs or tougher passages. The same with golf. It is frustrating and hard to go out and practice sand shots when you are not very good at playing them. But this is what we must do. We must avoid going out to the range and “just hitting balls and hitting balls and hitting balls.”

Another lesson from the article is to not let 1 shot destroy your confidence. Imagine having this on your record:

And though he went through a wrenching experience at the Ryder Cup in Wales — chunking a chip and losing to Graeme McDowell in the match that clinched the Cup for Europe — Mahan emerged tougher and more confident.

For many of us, this kind of performance would do us in. But for MorePars readers, we can’t look back; we can’t dwell on past mistakes; we need to pursue continuous improvement and control ourselves emotionally and mentally.

We wish you luck in your pursuit of More Pars!

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