Thump the Sand

I tuned in again to Playing Lessons with the Pros on the Golf Channel and Nick Faldo was the Pro. I love the way he swings the club and he had lots of good information in this show. My favorite tip was when he was in a greenside bunker explaining how he gets out. I don’t know about you, but I am terrified when I am in the bunker. For whatever reason, I either take too much sand or too little. I have had many lessons but still am panicked every time I see sand.

Nick was asked…do you release the club in the sand? He demonstrated by taking the club in just his right hand and swung the club back and forth just with it. It was a throwing motion…his right hand was coming through just like it would if he was throwing a ball into the sand with his right hand. He showed the difference of trying to help the ball (guide or lift it out with his right hand) versus just throwing the right hand at the ball and letting it go (releasing).  As he explained it — “thump the sand.”

I think this may be my problem. I don’t let the club go. I don’t let it release with my right hand. I panic as my club approaches the ball and i hold back with my right hand.

I can’t wait to test this. But it is 40 degrees and raining today, so for now I’ll just have to write this tip down and try it later!


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