Tiger Woods Struggles Are A Lesson For Us All

The New York Times has an article today entitled: Woods Sees Some Progress, but Others are Looking for Victories. I urge all MorePars’ readers to digest the ramifications of the difficulties encountered by the most dominant golfer in the history of the game and what this means for our own development.

The first lesson is, if it is this hard for him to improve his swing, what must this mean for us! Granted, he is trying to get his game to a level of play we will never reach, he faces the same hurdles that we all do: trying to find the perfect technique that will allow him to win tournaments.

MorePars believes heavily in golf instruction. We believe in video analysis. We believe in golf lessons from a knowledgeable pro. But there is such a thing as over analyzing and over-thinking the golf swing. Lee Trevino believes Tiger is making this very mistake, that he has an over-reliance on golf instructors. He is quoted in the article saying Tiger needs to “get rid of these people.”

As we think of our own journey here at MorePars, we believe that for some players (for amateurs, this would be a small minority of players) they should simply play their game and use no instructor; others, find the “1 instructor” that best suits them, and for others, use a team of instructors. There are pros and cons to all of these.

The article hints at sniping between Butch Harmon, Hank Haney, and Sean Foley (his current instructor) and how each feels the other’s instruction is sub-par. These are the most famous instructors in the world criticizing the other’s approach! The takeaway from this is that while there are fundamentals to every swing, there are many variations and no one ‘correct’ method.

MorePars will offer a team approach to helping you analyze your swing this year. Until then, good luck and spend more time with your short game. It is the fastest way to MorePars and making your way towards scoring like Tiger Woods!

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