Time to Tally up the Taly!

Ah, the start of the golf season, and of course we need to break the wallet out and start spending some money on golf lessons and training aids! I have just ordered the Taly Mind Set training aid, which can be found here: Taly Mind Set.

I have struggled with flipping the club for years, and have vicariously ordered this device probably dozens of times without pushing the order button. For whatever reason, I decided the Time to finally order the Taly is today! It should arrive early next week and I promise you a full review. I can only hope that it lives up to its hype!

In the meantime, I’ll share with you a video that is on YouTube that I have watched several times and I will definitely be asking the MorePars team of tour pros if they agree with the concepts Lynn Blake is espousing. The content seems sound to me and makes a lot of sense. Pay particular attention to the “tinny” sound the ball makes when you flip the club at it. With a downward strike where you “trap” the ball rather than flip at it you get a nice crisp sound. That is what I am hoping for this year.

Enjoy the video and I hope it helps you make MorePars!

YouTube Preview Image

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