Tom Watson DVD

We at MorePars are avid readers of John Paul Newport’s Golf Journal column every Sunday in the Wall Street Journal. His latest column is called “The Wisdom of Tom Watson.” There wasn’t nearly as much wisdom shared in the article as we would have hoped, but that’s to be expected given the limitations of space in a newspaper. And I wish he had included a video snippet of one of Tom’s teachings. Imagine being able to talk with Tom Watson for 90 minutes on the practice range and having him teach you what he has learned over the years? I am sure he had lots of things to say that we could have all learned from. The article discusses some esoteric things, like how to hit a ball low, which quite frankly, most of us want to know how to hit a ball solid, not caring whether it is high, low, or in between! But he does mention a very key and often forgotten tip, which is how hard to grip the club. The quote from Tom in the article: “You don’t need a lot of pressure to maintain control of the club if you have a sound grip. And light grip pressure lets you release the hands really fast through impact.” Now this is advice we would like to see demonstrated so we can really understand the impact of this teaching.

Well, it looks like we may get the chance! The article mentions that Tom is coming out with a 2 disc instructional DVD called “Lessons of a Lifetime.” We can assure you that the minute this DVD releases, we will push the order button! We are quite certain the Tom Watson and his knowledge will help us all make MorePars!

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