Tom Watson Lessons of a Lifetime First Look

Last night with great anticipation I opened the 2 CD Set of Tom Watson’s DVD Series Lessons of a Lifetime. With high hopes, I watched the first DVD in one sitting. Here are my initial thoughts.

The quality of the video is excellent. The instruction is good (who am I to criticize Tom Watson’s instruction anyway!). But somehow I must admit I was hoping for a little more. However, rather than criticize some of what I feel are going to be shortcomings for the readers of MorePars, I will on this first review only explain what the highlights were.

Believe it or not, as I reflect on last night’s viewing, what I remember first is the section about the grip. Why? Simply because Tom explains why it is so important to the swing. He shows a good grip and how it helps the swing and then shows why a bad grip contributes to problems in the swing — specifically, how a good grip allows you to hinge the club correctly in the backswing to generate a sound swing plane and deliver power in the downswing.  Tom is at its best, and this goes for all video demonstrations for those of you thinking of making some, when he demonstrates what “to do” and also shows what “not to do” and why.

There is another section where he describes “the secret” that he discovered back in 1994. We have an earlier blog post with a YouTube link that covers this same subject entitled Tom Watson’s Secret of the Golf Swing. He illustrates this “secret” brilliantly in the DVD by putting a long rod behind his neck and demonstrating the importance of the correct shoulder turn and how it impacts swing plane. Watch this section carefully!

Finally, in another part of the DVD, he talks about the handkerchief or towel placed under the left arm and how that contributes to swing speed and a good release. While many of you have heard this tip before, you will find as you take on this game that the sound fundamentals repeated time after time are important so you have no doubts when you are on the course that you are doing the right thing.

When I watch it again and then get to the short game DVD (DVD #2) I’ll have more to say. I recommend we support Tom Watson by buying this set but again don’t do so thinking this will be the cure-all for your game. All sound instruction helps, and this DVD set is full of such instruction. Watching this and by continuing to read and study our posts here at MorePars as well as other sites like it (especially Jason’s from the Dana Rader Golf School called GuruTV), and working individually with your preferred golf instructor, will you reach your full potential as a player. I hope this advice helps you in your quest to shoot More Pars!

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