Understanding Ball Flight Part 2: Alignment

I was playing at Quail Creek Country Club in lovely, Naples FL yesterday with my sister, and her golf ball would constantly hook to the left. My last post explained the swing path and clubface combination that contributes to where a ball ultimately flies. Her problem, however, stemmed from a fundamental mistake that all of us simply have to keep ourselves from making: she was mis-aligned. I see this in tournaments I play in with 16-20 handicap golfers especially – many players are aligned wrong. Usually, it is almost always that they are aligned too far right. When you align to the right, your only option is to swing over the top to get the ball going back towards the target. Your body knows instinctively where the target is and your club will do its best to get the ball headed that way.

Many high handicappers (and I count myself among those right now!) align wrong and just adjust their swings to it. The purpose of this blog is to get us all to do things the right way and not have to make compensations. I constantly find myself aligning too much to the right and I have my partners check my alignment frequently.  I also will drop a club down against my feet to see in which direction I have lined up. I know in my heart of hearts I am never going to get better if I don’t align properly, so I vow from now on every chance I get to make sure I am properly aligned to the target. I suggest you all do the same!


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