Videotape Your Lessons For Better Golf

On Friday I had the good fortune of being able to sneak out of work for an hour and take a golf lesson. For any of you who believe that you can reach your potential by teaching yourself through watching video on the Internet, I plead with you to change that mindset. The instruction we give here and elsewhere is the foundation for your golf lessons, but not a replacement for them. The only way to improve over time is to practice and get a golf coach you trust. If Tiger needs one, then I think we do too. 🙂

The headline for today’s blog is because for the first time, I set up a FLIP HD Camera on a tripod and videotaped my lesson. Wow, what a difference it made! I could take this home and replay it dozens of times. I could see things in my swing that I would have missed completely had I not taped it. I had my instructor take a shot and then I took the same shot so I could compare my swing to his. I could listen again to all the good instruction he gave me and now I have a permanent record of it. How many times have we taken a lesson and forgotten what we learned not even a week later!

I will be discussing cameras in more detail in later posts. And I can tell you that there is no obvious choice. But grab whatever you have and ask (no demand!) that your instructor let you run it while your lesson takes place. This will accelerate your learning speed and you will thank me for this advice a year from now.

Video your lessons and go make MorePars!

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